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Kate & Sam

Kate Montague and Sam Uhl
Sam, an independent contractor and Kate, a CNA met on a blind date!How they met…from the bride! I was asked by a friend if I would go on a blind double date with them to a tractor pull; that wasn’t my thing but I didn’t mind trying something new so I said “yes”. My friend gave Sam my phone number and he and I texted several times before we met face to face. After the tractor pull, literally while we were riding home Sam asked me out to do something I’d like to do since he knew tractor pulls weren’t really my thing.
Kate Montague and Sam Uhl
I told him that he really didn’t need to take me out again if he didn’t want to, and Sam’s reply was “I wouldn’t have asked you if I didn’t want to.” Our second date, was out to eat where we talked continually, and then to a roller stating rank. We had a blast and just kept hanging out at least once or twice a week from then on out.How he asked…from the bride!We were headed home from Sam’s cousins wedding and we were going through Mackinaw City in a snow storm. Sam suggested we get out and see if we could see the bridge out by the water so I said “Yeah we should”, so we slipped and slid our way to the base of the bridge overlooking the water. We couldn’t see much of the bridge because of the snow storm but while we were standing there Sam said he had something in his shoe and bent down on one knee and popped out a little black box. I wasn’t paying attention since I was looking out at the water so he said “Kate” and when I looked down he was holding the box with a ring in it! Then those words “will you marry me?” And I just stared at him in disbelief and didn’t say anything I was so stunned, so he just got up and put the ring on my finger anyways, and then I finally said “Yes! Of Course! Did I say yes, because I meant to say yes?!!!” Do-It-Yourself Items:All the flower bouquets, boutonnieres and corsages were made by the bride. She also put jewels on her shoes, and had a chalk board painted with bridal parties names. She also designed a guest book from Shutterfly.
Photographer:  JDHowell Photography Jewelry: Kay Jewelers Dress Store:Lola’s Bridal Boutique Groomsman Attire:Mens Wearhouse
Kate Montague and Sam Uhl

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